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Musk Buys Twitter - My Twitter Wishlist

I thought I’d share my wish list of features Musk’s Twitter can implement to make it a more enjoyable experience.

Musk Buys Twitter - My Twitter Wishlist

I thought I’d share my wish list of features Musk’s Twitter can implement to make it a more enjoyable experience.

The news broke Monday that Elon Musk is buying Twitter. I didn’t think it was more than another “look at me moment” from Musk, but I’m not a financial adviser, so 🤷🏼.

I’ve been a very regular user of Twitter since 2008. I've gone through phases of high volumes of tweets, documenting everything I was doing and sharing every opinion on news, sports or the quality of the latest Starbucks pastry. I'd post links for my previous employer, but I wouldn't share anything personal. But, over the past 14 years (Jeez), I've been a regular scroller, liker and reader to keep up on the news, social trends and funny one-liners from Twitter funny people.

People are threatening to #deleteTwitter because of Musk’s purchase, but it reminds me of people threatening to move to Canada or Mexico if their candidate loses the US presidential election. A few will, but they’re just making noise.

I thought I’d share my wish list of features Musk’s Twitter can implement to make it a more enjoyable experience.  Are they money makers? I don’t know, but I think they’ll improve the discourse in the “town square.”

Free speech for Real People

If Twitter is an actual public square, people need to be people. The ability to create fake or “sock puppet” accounts causes several problems.

People and governments use fake accounts to share conspiracy news or hateful messages without accountability for owning their words. Plenty of these accounts have real people behind them, but they're shooting without retaliation.

I never condone violence, but when someone says some ignorant shite to a person's face, there’s always the risk of a pop in the nose. The internet removes that risk, and Anonymous accounts eliminate the risk of social accountability for their comments.

We can’t have or should want more punches in the nose, but social accountability for statements that inspire violence and hate must be present.

I hear the arguments about political dissidents or others in apparent danger, and I appreciate the risk they face. Perhaps on a case-by-case basis, people could be privately-verified to know they’re real, even if we don’t know their identity. If you're confident enough to say it, the default should be that you are sure enough to put your name on it.

Categories or Filtering of user tweets

I’ve done a lot of work in the bitcoin space, and pound for pound, I think there are more nutters than any other topic I follow.

Perhaps users could categorize their tweets, or an algorithm could do it.

I wouldn’t mind reading about blockchain technology from brilliant people, but I don’t want to see their tweets about Bill Gates, the Rothschilds or how the Covid Vaccine is less effective than UV lights on your testicles.

Twitter did introduce topic-based communities, but you’re in a group with random people who may not be of interest.

Longer Tweets

I enjoy a massive 60-tweet missive as much as the next person but let people use more characters to express their ideas and opinions fully. It also makes it harder to take tweets out of context.

Make it a SuperApp

In Asia, super apps, which combine several services under one app, are very popular. I use Grab quite often. It has the ride-hailing functions of Uber, the food delivery functions of Door Dash, and it’s connected to several online retailers where I can order groceries, a new wardrobe or book a vacation. You can even pay bills and buy life insurance through the app.

It’s made possible by its internal e-wallet. I can load my Grab account and pay for those services online or at retail locations.

Twitter has flirted with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but Musk’s history with PayPal could simplify including more traditional funding methods. It might encourage mainstream retailers and service providers to want to connect to a new Twitter Super App.

More Kindness

There will always be assholes, disingenuous people not engaging in earnest debate, and yes, I know, it’s not just Twitter. It’s a societal problem, but can we all work on being 10% kinder?

I don’t know if I’ll be more active or less with Musk in charge, but I know I’m not going anywhere.


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