Hey! Hi! Hello!

This is my first post on Billinformed.com. What is it? Who am I? Why am I doing this and Why should you care?

Hey! Hi! Hello!

This is my first post on Billinformed.com. What is it? Who am I? Why am I doing this and Why should you care?

Hey Hi Hello

This is my first article of my very own website. It’s no small accomplishment as for the past 10 years I’ve been threatening or promising myself I would stake my little piece of the internet for a personal website.

I’ve made websites before, I’ve managed and edited several popular websites in the gambling and bitcoin space, but those were work, this, this is for me, Bill Beatty.

Until today, I was the editor-in-chief for CalvinAyre.com, an online gambling news website that covered the global gambling industry, I’m still the editor, but we’re no longer publishing news as Calvin is putting his focus 100% behind Bitcoin SV. I’ll describe it in other posts but if you’re interested, check out CoinGeek.com or read one of my final posts on CalvinAyre.com and that’s a pretty good place to start to learn about Bitcoin SV.

Back to Billinformed.com, I thought about using my name Bill Beatty as I own the .net, org, .ca etc. I want to use these for a professional website. This site, while I intend to write some interesting and entertaining things, there’s no guarantee it will always be professional.

But I digress, Billinformed, it Bill+Informed, Billinformed, also with the current state of the internet and media, I like it can go either way, B ill-informed.

I never intend to add to the misinformation on the internet, I’m sure I’ll make mistakes and I reserve the right to change my opinions when new information is presented.

The “who” and the “why” are covered and a bit of the “what” but let’s add a little more. I want to write about whatever the heck I want to write about.

Sometimes I’ll write about the media, gambling, media relations strategies or other more serious issues like whisky or what books I’m reading (I really dig psychology, and I’m reading anything climate change related right now).

I’m a big fan of comedy, who doesn’t like to laugh, so I may try my hand at some satire or just nonsense articles and see what comes of it.

Thanks for stopping by and if you’ve made it this far, considering subscribing. I’ve been toying around with an email newsletter. Honestly, I’m not sure when it will come out or what it will be about, but I promise it will have an unsubscribe button.

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