The Weekly 4 - Almost Weekly?

I said I wouldn’t bombard your inbox when I started this and I missed sending a newsletter last week, just to prove that point. Ok, not really, life gets in the way sometimes, and I just didn’t get to writing it.

a month ago   •   3 min read
The Weekly

Politics - Use the “Biased" Mainstream Media as a Tool

The news media is meant to discover the truth that those in power are looking to hide. Any aspiring autocrat is best advised to attack the news media as “the enemy of the people,” anything to give your supporters an excuse to ignore the inevitable stories about your intentions.

a month ago   •   6 min read

How to Win Elections - The Basics

So your new client has entered the race for political office, and they’re relying on you to run the campaign to give them the best opportunity to gain power over the treasury.

a month ago   •   5 min read